Christian Vuerings

The Importance of Failing

We are afraid of all kinds of things. It's not only you and me but everyone. It's in our nature to have fear. In fact it's something that keeps us alive. If we wouldn't have fear, we wouldn't survive.

Sometimes we need to overcome fear in order to succeed. One of our main fears is failing, of not being able to succeed. This is probably one the reasons why people don't want to take initiative. They don't want to be responsible when it goes wrong.

When you fail you have different ways to respond. Some people have a depression and others see it as a lesson for the future. But failing too often isn't good either. It tears you down and could demoralize one's spirit.

Failing, not too often but on an occasional basis, is something which you could do. It means that you're trying something, you're not sitting and wondering around doing nothing.

Many successful startups have people in them who failed 9 times before but have the ability to learn from it and to be persistent.

Who do you want to be, the person who fails or the one who never attempts to succeed?

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