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Once You Go Mac

Have you ever dreamed about a PC that you don't need to shut down. Where you just had to close the lid and when you open it, it only takes about 2 seconds to be ready to use?

For over a year I've been a proud Mac owner and I won't go back to Windows or any other OS soon.

Currently I run Windows XP, Ubuntu and Fedora next to the native Mac OS X snow leopard operating system. All of this is made possible through the use of virtual machines. It also means that I can run them all at the same time.

Appreciate a Mac

In a nutshell, some of the things you could appreciate when using a Mac:

Where Apple could improve

Although Apple tries really hard to make things as easy for the user as they could, but being perfect isn't really possible. Here's a list of things which where hard to do or could be improved:

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